Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Burning 3.

These are more images of my burning experiments, yet here I have focused solely on individual small holes which represent the poppy seeds of opium. As the plant is smoked it seems appropriate to burn through the fabric as I feel it helps represent this. I like the idea of purposefully destroying the work to create something much more interesting and challenging and still follows my main concept. I think with these individual holes it could become something much larger and be used as an upholstery/curtain/wallpaper whilst still having an important message conveyed, helping it fit into a gallery space.  

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Burning 2...

Here are images of the burnt stencils of opium. I like the way the flame has completely destroyed areas of the stencil, transforming it into something very different to it's initial image. I feel the burning of the fabric questions the integrity of the fabric and reveals questions as to why would it be burnt. Again, I would like to hang something in the background so when you see through it something would appear. These are my initial responses and I feel could be developed into a much larger scale piece, perhaps overlapping different images to create a more 3d hanging piece. 


I have been  creating stencil patterns of roses and opium plants using fabric. I have then burnt the fabric to create an unusual shape. I like the idea of creating a narrative through the fabric and how burning it echos a negative feel to the work. Initially I have hung them up and photographed them but I quite like the idea of hanging something in the background behind them to create a different background. This is my first attempt of a rose. Using a candle I gradually burnt through the fabric and found wax and fire to be quite an interesting medium to work with as the wax dripped randomly around the fabric and you could never tell what direction the flame would take, making it quite a random and spontaneous way of working.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Cushions! Again..

I have been making MORE CUSHIONS! Here I have made 4 little black cord cushions for a christmas bench! I have found cushion making fun and it's nice to be back on my sewing machine.

Monday, 6 December 2010


Here are some images of my recent exhibition in The Link Gallery. I am pleased with how my cushions have turned out and am aware that the nature of a cushion is not to be hung on a wall but I feel that shows how they can be adapted to become exhibition pieces too. My cushions represent the negative aspects to Victorian disease, whilst to look at seem like just an attractive textile print. I believe by having an underlying meaning they fit well into an exhibition space just as they would when being used practically within the home. 

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Red Stencils

Here I have tried experimenting with red, although not the original colour of opium I like how it looks. I think it reflects colours of the Victorian era. It looks particularly striking against the black card and it may be interesting to try it on black fabric. I now have a fabric adhesive that gets mixed in with the paint to make it stick to the fabric better. 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Here are some first attempts at my stenciling. I have drawn out the opium plant and then cut into the paper and began stenciling. I am quite pleased with the results but think there is potential to do a lot better. So far, I have experimented on paper, black card and canvas fabric. 


Opium comes from the plant the Opium poppy and is a yellow, sticky substance which grows on the sides of the flower and is then scraped off to produce illegal substances such as heroin. It was commonly used as a drug in the Victorian era, which led to many many addicts. I am interested to use opium in my project to draw from and paint as it looks very beautiful but actually has very negative connotations.