Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Whilst watching 'Kirstie's Homemade Home' she introduced a short section on stenciling, where they stenciled straight onto a blind. I think this is a great idea and is a really simple process to try with excellent results. I want to try stenciling to my fabric to create very defined repetitive images. These could then be attached onto my chair for upholstery. 

Cushions again

Here is a back view of my cushions, the black cord fabric can be seen and I made a simple flap so you can easily take them off the cushion inner. 


I have completed my cushions today, hurrah! Here they are on a settee to show them all together. Eventually they will be part of my exhibition and showcased on a wall. I am pleased with how they've turned out. The digital printing was really successful and will definitely be something I try again. I have then made the bought cushion inners and made my own cover using cord black fabric on the back. These cushions are the beginning of something I hope will become a good, developed project. I next plan on using repeated images to create a more fluid and Victorian way of printing. 

Monday, 29 November 2010


I have bought this chair off ebay for £6.99 (bargain!). My plan is to develop my own prints which can then be attached in pieces and become my very first upholstered chair! Very exciting. 

My Studio Space

My studio space is getting full. I think it's a great way to display your ongoing projects and helps develop different ideas and shows research and resolution methods.

Friday, 26 November 2010


I have always loved the artists who create knitting and cover trees and lamp posts with it. I like how they add something to their surroundings and introduce something man made to natural objects or just brighten the dull exterior of everyday things. I found this image of somebody doing a similar thing but with lace which I think is really beautiful. 

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Artist Summary

Chris Natrop is a LA based artist, primarily known for his work with cut out paper. He has since began working with different materials such as plastics and projection aswell as continuing his work with paper.

My Thoughts.

I find Naptrop's work really amazing, the detail of each piece of work is immense and shows a great care for such delicate installations. I love how he transforms paper into something completely unique. Although his work is different to mine I am aware he uses projection which is something I enjoy working with and plan on doing so later in the year. His method of cutting into paper could also be applied to fabric and working into different textiles which is something I would like to try. So far I have printed onto fabric but I would like to attempt cutting into the fabric, perhaps by hand or on a laser cutter. 

Wallpaper Roses

These are the same rose pattern from further away so you can see the repetitive print. 

Printing with Red

So I have began to use red as a colour to print with as I've noticed with Victorian interiors cranberry/red was often a popular colour. I have began by using the same method as before by scratching into acetate, rolling it with ink, printing it onto the paper, then rolling over the top. This time I applied less paint and I think it looks better than previous attempts and more defined. I have used the cabbage rose print to begin but will try using other images too, perhaps look into the plant Opium. 

Monday, 22 November 2010

Digital Printing

These are the images I have chosen which will be sent to the digital printer to be printed onto fabric. My initial idea is to create 4 cushions using the finished prints as a starting point to my  upholstery project. I then hope to take the prints further by introducing colour and using the fabrics to upholster furniture. 

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Roses and Colour

Here I have began to introduce colour, with the green background. I think this works well, although next I would quite like to use deeper, richer colours, such as cranberries. Victorian colours during winter often were deep reds and golds, adding an elegant feel to a room. The textures were also warmer, often using velvets. I would quite like to begin introducing these colours to reflect the seasons. In these images I have also printed the cabbage rose image, just to show the contrast between the roses beauty and the disastrous impact it can have on people. 

More Wallpaper attempts.

Monday, 15 November 2010


My hands have had their first coat of paint and are beginning to look like hands! They will eventually be a magnolia/cream colour and I will paint in the detail to resemble the fingernails etc.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Here are some images of more attempts at printing. I have chosen one particular image and printed it then rolled over the top once it was on the page. I have then repeated this continuously to create a repetitive pattern. These images zoom in on the actual design, where you can see detailing of the cells, which I think quite closely resemble branches, which is interesting as it relates to the flower the disease comes from. I would like to next introduce colour, perhaps colours that reflect the Victorian era.