Sunday, 7 November 2010

William Morris

Artist Summary

William Morris was an English artist and textile designer in the Victorian era and his work was incredibly famous at the time for sparking a gothic revival . He was best known for producing wallpaper and textiles using repeated patterns, often with a gothic hint. His work still continues to be successful and inspirational today.

My Thoughts

Whilst looking at the Victorian era it was hard to not look at William Morris's work. His designs were hugely influential at the time and I think are still very relevant today. I love his use of gothic pattern and colour, particularly his cranberry and red shades and his use of black with contrasting bright colours. Although currently my work has focused on one colour I am keen to introduce more colour aswell as using more than one at a time. His work has helped me see a different style to Victorian textiles and introduced me to a variety of colour and technique.

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