Thursday, 9 September 2010

Barcelona Buildings II

Building Outline

Barcelona is full of historical buildings dating back to medieval times, some even as far back as the roman settlement in Barcelona. From Gaudi's quirky architecture from the late 1800's to traditional cathedrals, Barcelona is full of exciting, unusual and fantastic architecture.

My Thoughts and Experiences

I have always been interested in architecture, particularly buildings which are extremely old as I find history a fascinating subject. When visiting Barcelona's old town the whole area is full of amazing buildings which have stood for many years. However impressive these are, the Gaudi buildings really are breath taking. They are over one hundred years old yet in comparison to other buildings from the era they are incredibly different. His work is unlike any of its time and the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and the building in the image all help prove this point. I love how they almost look imaginary and something dream like. The window shapes remind me of something you'd find in a theme park, not in the middle of shops. The stained glass shows beautiful curls and I love the colours he uses on the outside of his buildings, contrasting with brick of surrounding buildings. Although I don't study architecture houses and interiors remain something I am fond of and as my work can often reflect this I find architecture a very inspiring subject. 

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