Sunday, 12 September 2010

Fundació Joan Miró

Exhibition Summary
This exhibition in Barcelona, is a huge showcase of Joan Miro’s work dating back as far as 1914. The collection includes a variety of his pieces including paintings, tapestries, early sketches and a rooftop terrace of sculptures. The gallery space also in includes an area for temporary exhibitions featuring different artists on a regular basis. 

My Thoughts and Experience

I was particularly excited about visiting this gallery, not only for Joan Miro's work but also for the temporary exhibition which was on based on projections on light, which I felt related quite well to project I have undertaken. The exhibition really played with light, in some areas films were projected onto the ceiling, shifting the viewers focus and supplying them with beanbags to view the films lying down. The exhibition also had fabric layers that could be walked through in bright colours with text projected onto them that moved around. I found it amazing and it made me realise the power of lights within artwork and the atmosphere they can create in a space. I feel this could be something I look into doing in future projects.

Aswell as the temporary exhibition Joan Miro's work was also a great experience. I had seen his work previously and presumed most of it was simple, using just primary colours but I was surprised to see a real variety of his work. Although the paintings and sketches interested me, my favourite area of the gallery was the collection of sculptures. I find them both humorous and clever and though they perhaps hold a deeper meaning to them they are something that can be enjoyed by every age and I think this is a great thing to be able to achieve. As I have been creating props for a play which are of similar sizes and have a surreal element to them, Miro's work helped me grasp a sense of how to go about making them for myself. I have made hands that are three feet tall and I can't help but be influenced by what I saw at Miro's gallery. 

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