Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Chair....

I have made each pattern for my chair and laid them out on it to check it all fits! I like how the viewer can still see the fabric underneath the burn marks and how a traditional Victorian bucket chair has been converted to become something which exudes the negative aspects of the era. I have burnt each individual piece of fabric after creating tiny holes in lines, similar to my sample I posted earlier. I like how the chair tests the integrity of the fabric and tells a narrative through it's outcome. Each hole, representing the tiny poppy seeds which are used to grow opium, which was a very popular drug in the Victorian era. The era was a time of change, particularly when it came to medicine and the negative connotations were not always thought of in that way. I am interested in the naivety of the drugs and the people taking them and hope the fabric I have produced helps tell that tale. 

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