Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Mustard Tree- MUST COOK!

Becca and myself have organised cookery classes at The Mustard Tree. The Mustard Tree is an organisation who help support homeless or vulnerable people by providing food, clothing and training. We will be directly working with asylum seekers in Manchester, offering cooking lessons every Friday from 9:30am-3.00pm. The classes aim to provide simple, affordable recipes which will then be given to them each week on a recipe card for them to try out for themselves. Each week we will be cooking for upto 40 people and have to provide a meat dish and a vegetarian dish. Our lessons are not just about the basic cooking skills, but about kitchen management and learning how to serve people aswell as using tools around the kitchen. 

We have set up a blog specifically for the workshops which I will post soon...

Above, you can see the posters and recipe cards designed by illustrator Emma Brown. More of her work can be found here http://emmabrownowlillustration.blogspot.com/. For more information about The Mustard Tree, visit their website, www.themustardtree.org.uk.

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