Saturday, 19 February 2011


Each year, we throw away around 6.7 million tonnes of food in the UK. This costs the average British household between £250 and £400 a year. My time working at The Mustard Tree has shown me how important it is not to waste our food as everything they cook with has been donated. I have come across a fantastic organisation who help take food from supermarkets which is about to exceed it's end date and help distribute it across the country. The organisation is called 'FareShare' and through volunteers they manage to contribute to combatting food poverty by feeding upto 29,000 people a day with food that would normally be thrown away. 
The cookery classes Becca and myself are involved in help reinforce the importance of food donations. We feed upto 40 people every Friday with food which has mainly been donated. The Mustard Tree then has a Soup Run which feeds the homless directly from the street, all food comes straight from donations.
I think it is hugely important that supermarkets donate their wasted food, yet many still don't contribute due to health and safety and the scare of being sued, which seems ridiculous. Hopefully, through campaigning and more organisations such as FareShare this is an issue which can be resolved. 
For more information on FareShare visit their website,

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