Wednesday, 9 March 2011


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Aritst Summary

Artists, Jo Anne Butler and Tara Kennedy work collaboratively via a project called 'Culturstruction'. Their work aims to combine 'art and architecture to explore ideas of cultural production within the built environment.

My Thoughts

Culturstruction's work is very relative to my own, not conceptually but their use of being site specific and working on location, often outside. The image above I particularly like as it uses a children's sized castle as a representation of the real castle in the background. What interests me about this is the idea of a scaled down version of something, which I will be producing when creating my portable room. The piece will represent a homely feel, yet obviously isn't the real thing, similar to this installation.

The artist's also made a 'pop up park' which arrived in pieces and was constructed on site. This idea of a flat-pack park which has to be constructed on location is again similar to what I am trying to produce. I find the artist's useful when thinking of the logistics of how to construct something. The work of Culturstruction is very interesting, by combining child's play with architecture it forms work which has a function to it and also is very fitting to it's location. I hope for my degree show installation I will follow the same approach of functionality and concept, which works specifically on site.

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