Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Krystof Wodiczko - Projections

I have come across artist Krystof Wodickzo who uses projection to create temporary pieces of public art. Many of his projections have an controversial, underlying, political theme and have been forced to be removed by the police claiming they are a 'public nuisance'. From looking at his work I find his projections very powerful and as I have been doing the same it seems possible for me to try them on a bigger scale.

He chooses to project in large cities, onto large, imposing buildings that will catch the eye of the passing public. I want my work to be noticed by the public and not just too focused in a gallery space as that way more people will be aware of the point I am aiming to make. If my projections can be used in public spaces, though temporary it draws in a wider audience and sends a message to those who wouldn't ordinarily visit a gallery. When I see art I wonder why often it has to be kept in the confines of a gallery and I believe through artists like Wodickzo that art can make sense when exposed to anything, anywhere.

By projecting onto well known monuments it completely changes their original intent and makes the projection the most important thing about the building. The projections are also then noticed as these are buildings we pass everyday without even realising what we see. I like the idea of changing what the public see everyday and altering their usual environment and surroundings. Hopefully, similarly to Wodickzo my projections can be taken further afield and used in other outdoor locations.

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