Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Krzysztof Wodiczko - The Homeless Vehicle Project

Project Summary

Here is another strangely similar project by Krysztof Wodiczko, in which he created a vehicle for the homeless whilst living in Canada. This project directly involved the homeless by creating 'The Homeless Vehicle' which was an object which would draw

"attention from the work of art as dissent to the work of art as social action: in this case, the discussions and design collaboration with members of the homeless community to develop both a physical object and a conceptual design that would make their participation in the urban economy visible and self-directed.”- Krzysztof Wodiczko 

My Thoughts

The object itself makes complete sense to me as I have spent some time in Vancouver, Canada where homelessness is a huge issue. If you have ever wandered the streets there as a member of the public it astounded me personally to turn a street to find hundreds of homeless people all congretated together in a small community. It seems they are almost herded together in an area which doesn't attract too much tourism. The main thing you would notice about the homeless in Vancouver is how often they are seen pushing shopping trolleys, filled with aluminium cans which they then take to factories to swap for money. Even the rubbish bins are surrounded with holes which the public place their cans in to make it an easier task for the homeless.

Therefore when looking at Wodiczko's 'Homeless Vehicle' to me it represents the shopping trolley idea, yet a more conventional object. For me, it relates nicely to my portable home, somewhere which can be moved from place to place, similar to the homeless vehicle, however mine will involve the person getting inside the box, somewhere with a shelter. It is interesting to view other artist's who follow a similar theme as it helps to influence the decision making process when it comes to the final degree show.

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