Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Re-working and Incorporating Text

I have been playing around with text and different layout options for my wallpaper. I want the wallpaper to include the text 'home what home?' again s a subtle implication towards what my project has been based on. I like the idea of typing this inside some of the homely objects as it feels quite ironic. These objects would fit in with the moto 'home sweet home', yet by reversing the text in this instance I feel it makes quite a statement.

I have tried switching the objects around seeing what looks best and I don't feel the mirror works in the image. First of all, the others are cliched kitchen items and I also think the shape doesn't fit how I wanted it to. I have learnt a lot in this process, particularly on photoshop, having to edit and re-size the images to fit. I have decided on a final layout which I will post next!

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