Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Frame Experiments

To expand on my outside art idea I have framed images containing the words 'home sweet home' and 'home, what home?' as these are the phrases I have been working with. I have placed them individually and together on an outside wall as an initial response. Currently they hang outside my home, but ideally they will be placed in a better location which will represent the reality of where the homeless sleep.

The words 'home sweet home' are supposed to be obvious to the audience, yet in an ironic location making them think deeper about why the text would be hanging outdoors. The 'home, what home?' text should be more subtle, perhaps at this point the viewer simply assumes the text states 'home sweet home', yet they have to look closely to realise the reality.

I think as an initial response I am pleased with the images as they look how I anticipated. However, the aim of the project is importantly location based therefore when my photo shoot with all the objects I have acquired takes place, it will make much more sense and will hopefully show everything coming together.

The area which I found difficult was the actual nailing into the wall, which was harder than I expected! The walls are really tough and often the nail bends and won't budge! Therefore I am pleased to have done a tester as I can now work on how to resolve this... hopefully....

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