Friday, 21 January 2011

The Costume Gallery: Lady Sainsbury

Adnan Bayyat

'Lady Sainsbury'

My Thoughts

This piece in The Costume Gallery is made of over 1000 Sainsbury's bags croched together. I was amazed when I saw this piece as not only does it look fantastic, but it is so similar to my own work, when I created sleeping bags and coats made from plastic bags. The dress has a ball gown feel to it and from far away doesn't necessarily look like plastic bags, it is not until you get up close that you realise it's material. I am not sure the reasoning behind the piece, whether it is focusing on how many bags are wasted or if it is to shock viewers by making something ugly look pretty. Whatever the reason I find the dress very entertaining and personally think it sends a powerful message to those who consume such a vast amount of plastic bags. 

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