Monday, 24 January 2011

Knitting Projection...

I have gone back to my projection roots! Here I have tried projecting different knitting samples onto t-shirts. I like the idea of creating something which is technically false imagery as it doesn't really exist. The T-shirt may look like it has a design printed on it, yet it actually isn't there. I wanted to communicate these ideas and continue with the idea of an ever transitional fashion industry. 

For this piece, I changed the background to black instead of the usual white, hoping the projection would only show on the t-shirt. However, I still got a projection onto the background and although unintentional I think it works well and is subtle in comparison to a white background which can sometimes take over the idea. 

I learnt a lot from doing this projecting, for instance the size of knit, certain samples didn't create any projection whatsoever. I also played around with different pieces of clothing to see which ones worked best. I even attempted to project onto shoes, which sadly failed. I like the idea that the work shows the viewer a pattern of knitting without it actually being knitting, which is a lot easier than ACTUALLY knitting. As confusing as that sounds...

This whole project became hugely experimental and I want to continue the theme, perhaps introducing buttons and other everyday clothing accompaniments that can become a representation rather than a reality.

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