Monday, 24 January 2011

The Weather Measure...

As I don't seem to be arguing at the moment I have decided to start a new knitting measure! It still relies on the same concept on knitting a row, yet this time I will knit everytime it rains. I feel British people are always discussing 'the weather' so I will knit the weather instead. So far, since January 1st it has rained 13 times in Manchester, therefore I have knitted 13 rows of stitching. At the end of each month I will cast off and start again, that way we get a measure of the rainiest month and can see if gradually towards Summer the weather improves. I personally have no problem with the rain but lets wait and see what the percentage of rain is! I am still continuing on my arguing knitting measure, yet it seems to be raining  (fortunately) s more often than my arguments at the moment! Ha.

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