Friday, 21 January 2011

The Costume Gallery: Light Humour

Penelope Batley

'Light Humour'

Artist Summary

Penelope Batley is a past student from MMU, graduating in 2007. This installation is from her current exhibition in The Costume Gallery named 'Light Humour' which is giant, illuminated jewelry. She won the Terrance Conran design award in 2009 and her work was used for London Jewelry Week. 

My Thoughts

Upon entering The Costume Gallery, Batley's work hangs off a chair and over the grand staircase, projecting a subtle light around the steps. Her work is of a huge scale and gives the gallery a contemporary twist. I really liked the pieces and think that they are unusual in that we are used to seeing beads, yet not in these circumstances. I like how her work takes something simple and by changing the objects proportions she makes it something noticeable. The objects become playful and the light that glows from one bead makes them seem almost practical. Batley is not afraid to use bright colours in her work and I think this adds to the playful nature. I particularly like how the beads are draped over a chair, almost making the chair seem miniature and surreal. The work becomes a fantasy and has tones of something you might see in Alice in Wonderland and other surrealist works. Overall, I find the work inspiring and creating something off scale seems an excellent way of working. 

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