Friday, 21 January 2011

The Costume Gallery: Part One

Gallery Summary

The Costume Gallery in Platt Fields park is home to an incredible array of costumes dating back to the 17th century, aswell as current temporary exhibitions. The gallery is situated in a park in an old textile merchants home and due to it's size can only display a small selection of its collection. 

My Thoughts

This specific image is taken from a temporary exhibition in the gallery done by last years graduates from the Embroidery course at MMU. The exhibition features a variety of different hats, designed and made by the students. This particular hat was made by artist Sophi Aris and is very similar to other work she has produced. I love how the colours fade from pale grey to a darker shade and the way it would sit on the head and blend in with the wearers hair. The piece is handmade and is very carefully crafted, each square sewn on individually to create a raised shape that can be pushed together creating a concertina. Although my current work doesn;t concentrate on hats, I have made them in the past. I liked the idea of naming them 'head furniture' and I think this hat fits nicely with this phrase. 

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