Friday, 28 January 2011

On Location

I have taken my 'Home Sweet Home' wallpaper and tried it on location. Here, I have used an old passage way. I don't want this to seem incredibly stereotypical of where a homeless person would sleep, but from my time spent working with them I am aware this is sometimes the case, due to them often having a roof. However, what makes a home? Is it somewhere where we just sleep? These are ideas I would like to explore during this project.

I have hung the wallpaper up inside the passage way amongst graffiti and it has quite a dingy atmosphere. What I like about the wallpaper is the fact that setting this up is actually graffiti yet in a different context. Is graffiti OK if it is pretty to look at? Or if it suggests positivity? 

The wallpaper has the words 'Home Sweet Home' printed thousands of time to represent the amount of homeless people and refugees who where on the streets or searching for homes in 2010, in Manchester. The number is vast and I like the idea of the wallpaper almost becoming a pledge and a statement to help solve this situation. 

Although I am happy with the statement I am trying to get across, my aim is to produce something which looks much more professional. Currently, the white paper and small text blend in too well with the surroundings. To create a 'portable' home I want something that to the human eye looks as if it was bought and is unnatural in its environment, yet holds a homely quality as it is something we are used to seeing but in the wrong location. 

This initial experiment has been a success, but my plan is to alter and improve on these current ideas and test them thoroughly. 

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  1. Oh my god how the friggin hell do you make wall paper?!!
    I want to make a feature wall in my print!