Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Studio Space

This is my current work in my studio space. I have began to create bunting with actual fabric and have moved on from the paper templates. I am experimenting with different messages, such as the typical 'Home Sweet Home' motto which would be used specifically on location to begin answering the question, What is a home? For this bunting I have looked at traditional text and created my own templates. I have also used a check fabric which I feel is quite a classic, homely print, perhaps adding irony to the work.

The other slogan I have been working on is 'She flies under the radar' which is something I came across when reading stories on homeless people. I have been following stories about the homeless and refugees and have began taking direct quotes as an initial beginning. I think 'She flies under the radar' helps enforce the fact that the homeless are often lonely and unknown and should be treated differently

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